Productivity and enjoyment with our exclusive conference booking!

Book small-scale and charming accommodation with conference facilities and outdoor activities in a secluded natural setting just outside Sala in Västmanland. Only 70 minutes by car from Stockholm and with space for up to 17 people.

Teambuilding in Nature

Welcome to small businesses and teams seeking an outstanding location for a memorable team-building experience in nature. With us, you can not only have productive conferences but also combine them with exciting activities in a scenic natural environment.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and dense forests, you have the opportunity to relax and recharge. Explore the deep forests and open landscapes that surround us and experience how nature becomes an integral part of your journey.

Work together under the open sky or in our authentic indoor spaces designed to foster collaboration and creativity. Here, business benefits blend with the enchantment of nature, creating a unique and meaningful experience for you and your team.

So why not choose us for your next team-building in nature? We look forward to creating memories that last a lifetime!

When you want to take a break from your creative work and just socialize, you can enjoy the farm's pentathlon or choose from a variety of outdoor activities. Alternatively, indulge in a muurika bonanza or one of our other food and drink experiences.

Konferens i naturnära miljö i charmiga lokaler

Successful Conference Booking Starts with Us – Welcome to Svartbäck Gård

Svartbäck Gård welcomes you to an exceptional experience when it comes to conference booking in Västmanland. We are your reliable partner throughout the planning and execution of the conference.

Nature-Inspired for Successful Conference Booking

Our scenic environment provides you and your team with the opportunity to relax and immerse yourselves in the tasks at hand. The surrounding forest offers a peaceful oasis that promotes creativity and new perspectives, crucial for a successful conference booking.

Modern Meeting Facilities and Dedicated Support

Our modern meeting spaces are equipped with the latest technology to ensure a seamless conference booking. But we are more than just a convenient meeting place; we are your partner in creating meaningful and productive meetings through conference bookings.

Tailored Conference Booking in Västmanland

Our dedicated staff is committed to understanding your needs and preferences when it comes to conference booking. We customize every detail, whether it's custom activities or tailored meals as part of the conference booking. We are your resource for successful conference booking.

Teambuilding in Nature - Conference Booking in Västmanland

In addition to formal conference activities, you and your team can participate in various activities that promote team building and relaxation. Nature walks, outdoor exercises, and cultural excursions create a balance between work and leisure.

Maximize Results with Svartbäck Gård

Here, you can unleash your creativity, surrounded by the scenic beauty that inspires. Our modern meeting spaces are designed to optimize workflows and enhance productivity, resulting in maximum efficiency.

Balance Work and Relationships - Conference Booking in Stockholm and Västmanland

A conference at Svartbäck Gård is not just about work; it's about deepening relationships, building stronger teams, and finding the balance between challenge and relaxation. It's an opportunity to approach your goals, both professionally and personally.

Svartbäck Gård offers the best of both Västmanland and Stockholm when it comes to conference bookings, and we are ready to help you create a memorable and successful experience.